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The house of Kane & Ashley with all its sister companies is an establishment of creativity and inventiveness, which mission is to bring an all-encompassing range of luxurious products to entire scope of society. Kane & Ashley is one house that embraces people from all walks of life.

Our family running Kane & Ashley and its entire sister brands have been into the watchmaking business since 1979. It has invested six years of its life in exploring the world of watches and so commenced on their calling in 1985.

The full name of Kane & Ashley was the mission of Mustafa who started paving the way for it since 2001, and unleashed it to the niche clientele in 2006.

Kane & Ashley is the unabridged version of indulgent luxury. Nothing is spared in producing the Kane & Ashley diamond-decked pieces. The full name is a statement of luxury and performance that decidedly resists compromise and unabashedly defies modesty; it is the prime tier of lavishness. Since its inception, Kane & Ashley has been the crown of the business catering on a very personal level to VIP dignitaries producing bespoke watches that are purely individual, and custom-made to the seekers of matchless luxury.
While Kane & Ashley is the crown of the house Mavroki represents the core of it and is the second tier of the business, the acronym is more than a brand name; it's an emblem of luxury united with supreme functionality in a superior aesthetic work of art featuring quality VS diamonds and pronounced lines of design and identity. The brand launches twelve new designs yearly. When you own a piece from the house of Mavroki, you add a dimension of rare luxury to your life.
K&A is pursuing passionate vocation since 2006 K&A has a proud track record of producing unique watches, visionary innovative and consistently embodies, ideal of excellence and affordable luxury. Building on prestige and legitimacy steadily acquired over this time, K&A continues to make its mark on watchmaking while remaining in close touch with the public that has made it successful.
Eval is the brand that caters to the people who love to acquire highly individualistic watches, but at an affordable cost. It was established in 2007 to round-off the mission target of the mother house. It has been successfully proving its enthusiast with magnificent timepieces.
Whatever your choice, it is a glittering outcome of innovation and unique craftsmanship that has been meticulously sculpted. The three-tier of this grand house will put on your wrist a bejeweled timepiece that defines time in stylish, allure, and pledges to give you a clear-cut meaning of luxury.

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