Since its international inception as a niche and exquisite watchmaking house, Kane & Ashley took its HO in Kuwait to closely cater its Gulf-based enthusiasts. During the pre-online era, the proximity to the huge Gulf market made Kuwait an ideal center to run the business and liaise between the watchmaking factories in Switzerland on one hand and the Far East on the other.

Kane & Ashley / Mavroki /K&A /Eval are independent brands and stand on the highest pedestals of innovation and competitiveness. We retain the same spirits that the company was founded on, yet our ambition is to take the brand to the pinnacle it deserves relying on world's best technology, supreme aesthetical outlook, and the best industrial material.

Philosophy Vision Values

Each creation of ours is an epitome of perfection; beauty and performance in an exquisite luxurious acquisition.

We envisage an epoch of paramount success ahead of us, and we strive to bring luxury to whoever cherishes it.

We pride ourselves on the established fact that our luxurious, multi-tier line of products caters to the ultra-affluent and to the passionate aspirant with limited means.

Kane & Ashley / K&A has etched a proud record of achievements along the years of its existence. The heritage line of timepieces boasts designs that defy time and sets its own trend in the industry. The company established its scope in three tiers that are typically classified according to the value of the material used. Kane & Ashley stands as the prime tier that produces the costliest timepieces in the entire range. Each and every piece in this tier is a homage to the concept of luxury in its highest latitude. Whereas, the timepieces of K&A represent the company's approach to "luxury for the passionate", the products in this range are very luxurious yet purposely made attainable to our widening base of enthusiasts. At the core of our philosophy, we believe that magnificent creations must be within reach of all those who appreciate life's finest possessions.

Eval constitutes our third tier in watchmaking; it endeavors to furnish people with a need for an aesthetic timepiece whose functionality ranks with world's best watches yet at an affordable price.

Whatever your tier might be, our ultimate commitment is to deliver high quality and excellent performance in each watch we make.

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